Meet our quilt designers!

Color and Art has always been a strong influence in my life.  I was taught to sew at a young age and began making my own clothes.  It was a great joy to combine my love of sewing with my love for color and art.   

My Husband, Richard and I have been living in New Paltz for more than 30 years, where we have raised our triples. They are now grown and out of the house giving both of us time to pursue our creative art.  Richard enjoys oil painting and I enjoy working with fabric.

All my award winning quilts have been original designs.  My work ranges from appliqué, straight piecing, curved piecing by hand or machine.  I use traditional and innovative techniques for creation of my quilts.    

I am member of the First Dutchess Quilt Guild since 1995.  I also serve on the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show Committee for 17 years. The last seven raffle Quilts for the show have been created by Linda Dearing and me.  Many of them have original appliqué designs.  These raffle quilts are a major contributor to the Dutchess Community College Scholarship Program.  We are currently on our seventh Quilt for the 2017 Quilt Show.

In 1998, I began teaching and helping fellow quilters achieve their goals.  My classes have ranged from one student to a class of Twenty students.  I have taught both hand and machine techniques, for appliqué, piecing and quilting.  My most recent awards were for ABOUT TIME; Blue ribbon in its category, best Hand Quilting and Vendor’s Choice.

"The creative process is an ever changing flow of energy in ideas and techniques.  Often a new idea requires a new method.  In following the idea for a design a person is challenged to engage their mind to find a solution in this art form.  This is a wonderful way to exercise the mind where the results are tangible.  This physical process is a good foundation for problem solving in a person’s everyday life. In today's fast paced world of technology, I believe art in its many forms can help restore man's sanity by staying in touch with one's creative self." © S.J.Greener

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Shelley J. Greener

Linda F. Dearing

My dad was a Naval officer so I lived on both coasts and the island of Japan when I was growing up.  After college, I moved to Poughkeepsie to work for IBM (back when they were hiring French majors and teaching them to program computers) and I've been here ever since.

I made my first quilt in 1974 and I was hooked, but for the next 20 years I was pretty busy with a full time career and raising a family.

When  I retired, and my son went off to college,  I had more time to play.  I joined the First Dutchess Quilters Guild and became involved with the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show committee.  I went to work at the Quilt Basket where I taught classes and made shop samples. I had always sewed clothes so I started making quilted Jazz Jackets, one of which won Best of Show at the 1994 Dutchess County Fair. 

My very supportive husband, Guy, built me a wonderful studio complete with a design wall, and the next year surprised me with a Handiquilter for my birthday.

Since then I've made countless wedding quilts , baby quilts, bed quilts, charity quilts, and miniatures.   It's my passion! I started entering local shows in 1999 and finally won Best in Show at the Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show in 2013 (and again in 2015!).

I've also had the pleasure of working with Shelley Greener for the last 16 years designing and coordinating raffle quilts for the DHQS show.  Eleanor's Lost Treasure is our eighth venture. We've had a great time.

 Guy and I have six grandchildren ranging from 18 months to 18 years old.  Now I'm working on a "Legacy"  quilt series for them to remember me by!