Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show XIX                                                                                            Quilt Registration Form

Please use a separate form for each quilt entered


Name______________________________________ Telephone (     ) _______________________________

Address ________________________________City_______________ State___________ Zip_________

Email Address_______________________________


Quilt Information

Quilt Title _______________________________________ Size  __________ (W) x ___________ (L)

Owned By ____________________________________________


Please provide a brief (25 words or less) description of your quilt for the catalog, on the back of this sheet or email to swhitt@prodigy.net               (If you do not want a description, please write “No Description”.)


Classification: Please answer the appropriate questions. Circle if necessary.

The quilt top was made by _____________________________________


It is:     Appliquéd         Pieced           Mixed (pieced and appliquéd)      Art/ Innovative        Other

It is:      Hand Quilted        Machine Quilted       Combination of both


The quilt was quilted by ________________________

Yes or No        Was anyone paid money to work on this quilt?

Yes or No        The quilt is to be exhibited as a youth quilt (maker under age 14 when made)

Yes or No        The quilt is an antique entry

Yes or No        The quilt is to be judged

Yes or No        The quilt is a miniature

Yes or No        The quilt is a wall hanging (less than 60” on a side or by design)

Yes or No        The quilt is a bed quilt (longer than 60” or by design)

Yes or No        Is this quilt an original design?

Should this quilt be considered for Best interpretation of our show theme “The Way To Begin, Is To Begin” Yes or No?

If yes, please attach a brief (25 words or less) statement of how your quilt fits the theme. You may use the back of this sheet or email to swhitt@prodigy.net (the theme statement is in addition to the description asked for above)


Quilt Return: Please check one and fill in any additional information.

__________I will pick up my quilt after the show on October 13, 2019 at Falcon Hall DCC

__________ I authorize  ____________________________(fill in name) to pick up entries on my behalf.                     

__________ I would like my quilt to be returned to me via UPS.  Ship to address if different from above ___________________________________________________________________________________


Enclosures (three or four) Please check off:

___________1. Check payable to Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show for the total amount number of entries ($6.00 per quilt)

                          as well as return shipping if you chose this option.

__________ 2. A color photo of each quilt (does not have to be finished and will be returned) Please indicate if emailed.

__________ 3. Description of the quilt for the catalog-please indicate if emailed or “No Description”.

__________ 4. A show theme statement for each entry considered.

Please send to: Stacy Whittaker, 86 Sleight Plass Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

or email  swhitt@prodigy.net (you will still need to mail your check)


We are planning to publish images of the show entries on our webpage and social media.  May we include an image of your entry? Yes or No

I have read the instructions and will adhere to the procedures and rules as outlined.

Your Signature____________________________ Date__________________________

Registration forms must be received by Thursday,  September 19, 2019

Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show XIX October 12 & 13, 2019

Quilt Registration Instructions

Please retain these instructions!

They contain important information about entry, delivery and return.


General Instructions:

Each item entered in our show requires a registration form. Copy or print as many entry forms as you need.
 The registration deadline is Thursday,  September 19, 2019.  Enter early!  Space is limited and you won’t want to be left out!
Include with your entry form(s), a check payable to: Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show for your total number of entries. The entry fee is now $6.00 per item*. There is a limit of 5 entries per person. We also require a color photograph of each quilt. Photographs are needed for security and exhibition design purposes and will be returned. The quality of the photo is not important and the quilt need not be finished in the photo. If you desire, photos and/or forms may be emailed to swhitt@prodigy.net  * SASE’s are no longer required.

Quilts may be registered for judging or for exhibition only. Quilts DO NOT need a hanging sleeve. All quilts must have a cloth label sewn to the back of the quilt in the lower right hand corner (this refers to the lower right with the back of the quilt facing you.) The label should contain your name, address and phone number.   This label must be covered with a muslin “Quilt Show Number Label”. A Quilt Show Number Label for each of your entries will be sent to you along with an acknowledgement of your registration upon receipt of your registration and check. All quilts must have a number, even those not being judged.

Due to space limitations, framed quilts cannot be accepted. DHQS reserves the right to disqualify an entry if it is deemed too large, or unworthy of display. Quilts that cannot be folded cannot be accepted. We try to store all quilts smaller than 28” on the longest side flat without folding. Larger Quilts are folded for storage and transport
Quilts may be delivered via US mail, UPS or in person.  A claim check will be provided for each entry and will need to be presented when you pick up your quilt.

DHQS will take every reasonable precaution to safeguard quilts in their custody, however, we cannot be responsible for accident damage or loss of entered quilts.  Dutchess Community College provides 24-hour security during the show. 

Judged Quilts:

Please fill out the registration form carefully. See the clarifications below for the answers to any questions you might have. The National Quilting Associations Inc. certifies all judges for the show.  Ribbon awards are given at the discretion of the judges. The judges have the option of moving a quilt to a different category or creating a new category as they see fit. Entrants will receive written evaluation with their entry when it is returned.


All entries must be clean and free of animal hair or odors and constructed of fabrics of fabrics and quilted. No tied quilts except in the youth category will be accepted.
A “bed quilt” is a quilt with the longest side of 60” or more. The exception is if, by design, the quilt is obviously intended for display on a wall. Quilts in excess of 90” will be folded to 90” for display.
A “wall quilt” is any quilt with longest side of less than 60” or where the design of the quilt is obviously intended for display on a wall.
An “art quilt” is one that uses predominately innovative or non-traditional materials and/or techniques.
A miniature is a scaled down version of a full size quilt.
Group quilts are made by more than one person.
Youth are those made by someone aged 14 or younger with little or no help from an adult.
Mixed technique contains significant amounts of both piecing and appliqué. This refers to construction techniques only, not quilting techniques.
Professionally quilted refers to quilting services for which the quilter was compensated. In this category, the judging will refer to all aspects of the quilt design but in the interest of promoting amateur quilting, any professionally quilted item will not be eligible for best in show or best hand quilting awards.
“Other Techniques” refers to Cathedral windows, whole cloth, crazy quilts, yo-yo’s etc.
Antique quilts are not eligible for judging, but are accepted for exhibition only.
Any quilt entered will be displayed as space permits and at the discretion of the DHQ show committee.
No quilt may be submitted for judging in more than one DHQ show.
Please adhere to these procedures to enable the proper handling of you entry.

Your signature on the registration signifies your agreement to the above rules.

Quilts sent by USPS or UPS:

1.     Quilts sent by USPS or UPS must be shipped so as to arrive no later than Wednesday, October 2, 2019. 

2.     Quilts should be shipped to: Karen Abramson, 240 Creek Road, Poughkeepsie, NY  12601.

3.     Make sure that your quilt is packed appropriately in a cotton bag, covered with a plastic bag and inside a sturdy carton. Include your name          and address inside the carton and a SASE in which we will send your receipt.

4.     For each quilt sent by USPS or UPS, include instructions for its return along with an address label and a check payable to Dutchess                      Heritage Quilt Show for the amount of the return postage. UPS automatically insures your quilt for up to $100 if you require a higher                  amount, you will need to arrange this with your shipper.

5.     If you are shipping your quilt(s), please notify us by email to swhitt@prodigy.net, so we know approximately when to expect them.

Quilts delivered personally:

Quilts will be accepted on Saturday, October 5, 2019 from 10am to 4 pm at the home of Karen Abramson, 240 Creek Road, Poughkeepsie NY.  Lost or have questions?  Call Karen at (845) 452-2468. 

This will be the only day for receipt of personally delivered quilts.

Upon receipt of your entry, you will be given or mailed an entry receipt card. Please keep this card safe as it will serve as your claim check and must be presented when you pick up your entries after the show.


Quilts delivered in person MUST BE ENTERED and have an

ASSIGNED NUMBER prior to delivery!

No Exceptions


Directions for Saturday, October 5, 2019 delivery 10 am to 4 pm: 

The GPS address is 240 Creek Road, Poughkeepsie, NY  12601.  Lost?  Call Karen at (845) 452-2468.

A map and directions from your place to ours can be found at https://www.mapquest.com/directions


Detailed directions: 

From Route 9: Take Route 9 North to the intersection of Fulton Street.  This is just past and across from the main entrance to Marist College.  Turn right onto Fulton Street and proceed straight to the end (Route 9G, also known as Violet Avenue).  Turn left onto Violet Avenue and continue past the light at the firehouse to the next traffic light.  The Department of Transportation will be on your right.  Turn right at this light onto Cottage Street and continue (past the DCC entrance) to the end of the street (Creek Road).  Turn left onto Creek Road.  The Abramson’s house is the fourth on the right, down the long driveway.

From the Southeast of Poughkeepsie: Take Route 44/55 to Innis Avenue north to the last traffic light at Salt Point Turnpike.  Turn left at this light and take the first right onto the roundabout.  Take the first right off the roundabout onto Creek Road.  Continue past DCC.  Number 240 is the 4th driveway past Cottage Street.  The driveway will be on your right.

~Entry Return~

All entries must remain on display throughout the show; Pick up will be at Falcon Hall, Dutchess Community College (DCC) on Sunday, October 13, 2019, between 5:25 and 6 pm. All entries for which return shipping arrangements were made will be shipped during the week following the show.